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10 White Medium Guitar Picks
10 White Medium Guitar Picks

Set of 10 premium white medium picks (0.71 mm). Premium quality celluloid provides great feel and a tone that is natural and warm. Embellished with our iconic shop logo, these picks also stand out.

Size: Medium     Color: White

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Product Details

Greater control

The Brivata guitar picks lineup allows for greater control with its sharp edges that enable anything from fast shredding to slow melodic chords. These picks feel great in the hand and resist slipping.

Super Sonic Sound

Brivata guitar picks are made with Celluloid which helps deliver a much warmer tone than many other pick types. These picks sound great with single coil pick ups and deliver clarity right through your fingertips.

Made To Rock

Brivata guitar picks are made to rock right out of the package. Our picks ensure you sound your best by being extremely adaptive to all sorts of playing and picking styles, and feel great the first time you hold them.

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