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Why we do this.

Like many other players, I loved getting new gear and constantly finding new guitars to resonate with. Somehow that didn't translate to much of my other gear though. I had been settling with a plain black uncomfortable strap that I had bought when I was young. The strap did its job, but it constantly would twist up and be a frustration, and it was boring unlike my bevy of guitars. After years of transferring the same cheap black strap from guitar to guitar it dwelled on me that I didn't even like it. Somehow the strap that constantly tangled, was uncomfortable, and ugly to boot had survived multiple guitars and several band incarnations, so Brivata was born.

I started Brivata to build truly modern guitar straps that exude the same artistic qualities as the guitars and gear we all cherish. Gone are the days where you have to choose between stale single color designs, tired punk rock inspired caution tapes or simple but cold colored woven patterns. In addition to never making boring straps they are also designed to not ever have that cheap feel. The materials used are strong, premium in grade and designed to last (even if you want to switch it out more often to change up styles).

At Brivata, we will continue to make accessories that accentuate your personal style, and make you feel like you don't have to change out your entire guitar for it to feel fresh again. Our goal is to design and manufacture guitar straps that are as bold and interesting as the guitars they are strapped to.

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