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Cadaver Premium Nickel Plated Guitar Strings
Cadaver Premium Nickel Plated Guitar Strings

Forged for death metal and hard rock, the Cadaver Strings are designed for people who love to play in Standard or Drop D tuning and feature pulse raising lows, razor sharp top end notes and bone crushing volume. These strings are sure to cut through the mix. Pick up this set and send death to your old strings.

Size: .010 / .0135 / .017 / .030 / .042 / .052     Color: Grey

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Product Details

Pulse Raising Lows

These strings sound magical when playing in drop D or drop C tuning. These strings will send gratifying lows for all of your riffs that need that extra chug.

Razor sharp top notes

In addition to providing deep gratifying lows, this set of strings has razor sharp top end notes that complete your overall sound and will have you stage ready.

Bone crushing volume

Designed for their rigid stiffness the Cadaver strings deliver a major punch of volume, and contribute to your overall sound profile. These strings are loud!

cut through the mix

These guitar strings help you stand out in your band and cut straight through the mix. Stand out from your band mates and let your playing be the star.

Death to old strings

With your Cadaver string set you can finally wave goodbye to all of your old generic strings and finally sound the way you should like a true death metal hero.

Made in the USA

These strings are of the highest quality and are might right here in the USA. So trade in your old strings and upgrade to a new American made classic.

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