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Acid Drop Premium Nylon Guitar Strap
Acid Drop Premium Nylon Guitar Strap

Life is a blur, with some moments just a little blurrier than others. This strap is somewhere between a wild night and waking up from a dream. With bold colors, crazy imagery, and an extreme amount of pop, this is definitely a guitar strap that will not get missed, and easily the most outrageous design we’ve ever produced. Premium nylon straps range in length from 90-156 cm for extreme range of adjustability, and perfectly distribute weight across the 5 CM width.

Size: One Size Fits All     Color: Yellow


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  • Max length 53 inches (134 CM)
  • Width 2 inches (5 CM)
  • Premium nylon and genuine leather ends
  • Includes string tie

Product Details

Pillowy Goodness

The premium nylon used in our straps is devastatingly comfortable. The smooth nylon surface will not scruff up your shoulders and neck as the strap hugs your body.

Knock Out Strong

Our premium nylon is strong enough to be used for a seat belt and easily holds on to even the heaviest of guitars, basses or even acoustics.

Expressively You

Every strap features an expressive design that emboldens your guitars look and feel, and helps you stand out of the crowd.

Feel Weightless

Brivata nylon printed straps perfectly distribute weight across the 5 CM height for maximum lift making a solid body feel much less weighty.

One Size Fits Most

Premium nylon straps feature an extensive length of 150 CM for extreme range of adjustability, and plenty of canvas to fit nearly any body size.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every Premium nylon straps is backed with a year long warranty. We only approve the highest quality goods and materials on every single strap.

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