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Sahara Premium Nickel Plated Guitar Strings
Sahara Premium Nickel Plated Guitar Strings

Electric Guitar Strings made for pronounced mid-hump dynamics. These strings feature enhanced mid-tones, high output velocity with crystal clear response. Made for mids these strings also feature refined bass and treble, and are sure to bend to your will.

Size: .010 / .0135 / .017 / .026 / .036 / .048     Color: Grey

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Product Details

Enhanced Mid-Tones

Sahara strings are designed to enhanced mid-tones and allow your mids to blaze through the mix. Not too bassy and not too top note heavy, these strings are just right.

High output velocity

These strings feature high output velocity for your riffs with a quick response that triggers just the right amount of tonal volume to compliment your overall sound.

Crystal clear response

These strings are crystal clear and resonate especially well with mids. These Guitar strings are versatile and are recommended for both lead and rhythm players.

Refined bass and treble

These strings have a more refined bass and treble profile. This lets the mid-tones shine through while preserving the rest of your notes and delivering great overall sound.

Bends at your will

Sahara electric guitar strings are less rigid. The gauges are specifically selected to make a bend-ability a dream. Bend anywhere on the neck with ease with these strings.

Made in the USA

These strings are of the highest quality and are might right here in the USA. So trade in your old strings and upgrade to a new American made classic.

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